Politics and Religion: Rendering What is Due

  1. A "Foolproof" Plan to Stop Jesus. (Mk 12:13-15):

  2. Jesus Gives the Final Answer on POLITICS and RELIGION. (Mk 12:16-17)

  1. God ORDAINED government.

  2. The government is not GOD and God is not the GOVERNMENT.

  3. God's people PAY what they owe:

    - To their GOVERNMENT

    - To their GOD

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Mark 12:13-17

  1. What are some things that a Christian should "render to God"?
  2. God ordained the government. Read Romans 13:1-7 and note all the words used to describe the government (Discussion leaders: hint - appointed, servant, avenger, ministers). Is this true even if the government has no regard for God? How should Christians be subject to the government, even if it is corrupt? 

Breakout Questions:

How does this message change the way you view submitting to the government and paying your taxes?