God's Word is Good!

God Has Made Himself Known:

General Relevation: God's CREATION (Ps 19:1-6)

Special Relevation: God's WORD (Ps 19:7-14)

God's Word is Good!

I NEED God's Word. (Ps 19:7-9)

  1. It lead me to LIFE . (Ps 19:7a)

  2. It WISES me up. (Ps 19:7b)

  3. It BRINGS me joy. (Ps 19:8a)

  4. It GUIDES my way. (Ps 19:8b)

I WANT God's Word. (Ps 19:10-14)

  1. I see it's VALUE . (Ps 19:10)

  2. I see it's IMPACT . (Ps 19:11)

  3. I see it's AUTHOR . (Ps 19:12-14)

Sermon Notes (PDF): BLANK
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Small Group Questions (Whole Group):
Read Psalm 19

  1. Explain the difference between General Revelation and Special Revelation. What is the purpose of each?
  2. How can I grow in desiring God’s Word more (Ps 19:10)?
  3. Share a specific way God's Word is impacting you in this season of your life.

Breakout Questions:

How is your personal intake of God's Word right now? How can you do better? Pray for one another.